2020 AT&T Purple Mobility Call Sharing TA Highlights


Call sharing = increased job security for call center workers. Our call center members face constant threats of their work being offshored and outsourced. An effective tool to fight back against the displacement of workers and provide members with job security is by negotiating for call sharing provisions. These protect the work done by represented workers and increases the portion of call center work at the company that will be handled by our unit. Here are some of the highlights in the TA:

  • This is a brand new contract protection for Mobility workers in District 6. The call sharing percentages we’ve negotiated are in line with other AT&T Mobility contracts covering CWA members.

  • We negotiated a guarantee that our represented call centers will handle no less than 7% of nationwide Mobility calls starting at the end of this year through the life of the agreement.

  • This percentage is greater than what we currently handle.

  • If the company does not meet the 7%, involuntary surpluses will not be permitted except in cases of extraordinary call volume decreases or adverse economic conditions.  

Myself and the bargaining team are confident that the new call sharing provisions will strengthen job security for call center workers and are the best we could negotiate. 

Again, for a more detailed look at the call sharing protections check out our TA Explainer.

In Unity,

Jason Vellmer

Bargaining Chair