2020 AT&T Purple Mobility Healthcare Costs TA Highlights


Healthcare costs go up each year because of the healthcare industry’s greed. The national average cost share percentage for all U.S. workers was 41% in 2019. We negotiate a cost sharing percentage with the company and plan options to make sure members have more affordable healthcare coverage. Through 2020, the Mobility health care plan was bargained nationally. This is the first Mobility contract to bargain health care on a regional level for each contract year. Here are some of the highlights in the TA:

  • New 3rd option for healthcare. This option is best for young, single individuals who do not visit the doctor often but want coverage in case of an emergency. This is because the monthly cost is low but the deductible is high. 

  • The majority of our members were already under the 29% cost-share for healthcare plans that were hired prior to January 1, 2017. Anyone who hired in or transferred into the Purple Agreement after January 1, 2017 was paying a 32% cost-share for the same healthcare options. We bargained everyone hired prior to 01/01/2021 to be under the same 29% healthcare cost-share. This will result in an estimated savings to these members of $474 per employee per year on average.

  • Healthcare costs go up each year and the 29% we negotiated keeps our cost-share at 29%. 

Here are the healthcare options in the tentative agreement.

Myself and the bargaining team are confident that the new healthcare cost-share rates and 3rd healthcare option are the best we could negotiate. 

Again, for a more detailed look at the healthcare changes check out our TA Explainer.

In Unity,

Jason Vellmer

Bargaining Chair