AT&T SW Bargaining Report #13

AT&T SW Bargaining Report #13

The CWA Bargaining Committee met with the Company on February 16, 2017.  The Company presented a complete package proposal to the Union.  The Union Committee worked late into the evening analyzing the Company’s package of proposals.  There was a little movement in reaching an agreement but the Company’s proposal is nowhere close to addressing many of the Union’s demands.  There are still dozens of retroactive proposals that the Company has presented to your Union Bargaining Committee.  Listed below are some of the Company’s proposals but the following lists are in no way inclusive.

Positive Proposals Presented by the Company:

  • Add Wage Progression Schedules for the titles of Office Coordinator, Administrative Assistant and Warehouse Assistant
  • Renew the Success Sharing Plan
  • Replace two Floating Holidays with three Floating Holidays
  • Renew the MOA – Four Day Workweek
  • Renew the MOA – Recommendations of the Revenue Management Representative Working Group
  • Renew the MOA – Service Leader
  • Renew the Motor Vehicle Usage Program
  • Renew the MOA – Uniformed Services Leave of Absence
  • Renew the MOA – On Employees Entering Active Military Duty


Retrogressive Proposals Presented by the Company:                                                    


  • Employee Contributions for the Medical, Dental, Vision, Disability, Care Plus, and Life Insurance shall be at the following percentages:
  • An inadequate wage increase to base wages for the years, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020
  • A day in waiting for all Employees before a paid illness day
  • Employees hired after April 8, 2017 shall not be any paid illness days
  • Double time paid after working 16 hours in a day
  • Delete Article V – Cost of Living Allowance
  • Amend the MOA on the Employment Security Commitment (JOG)
  • The Company shall have sole discretion to assign Appendix J employees to participate in the AT&T Home Dispatch Program
  • Premise Technicians – Eliminate the seventeen hour limit for overtime
  • Premise Technicians – Delete the thirty-two hours of work guarantee
  • Premise Technicians – Delete Carry-over Vacation
  • Delete the Day after Thanksgiving for all employees


As stated in the report earlier, the lists are not all inclusive but they characterize how far apart the two sides are.  Your CWA Committee appreciates the Mobilization that the Locals and the Members are performing.   Keep up the pressure on the Company.