Bargaining Report #3 CenturyLink Local 6174 Retail

Bargaining Report #3 CenturyLink Local 6174 Retail

The Joint Union and Company Committees met yesterday to resume negotiations. The Union presented a package of proposals on Tuesday, for how the retail employees will be integrated into the existing contract. On Wednesday morning, the Company rejected the package and made counter-proposals on Recognition, Vacation Conversion and Floating Holidays, Work Schedules, Worker's Compensation, Overtime and Sunday Pay, Supervisory Pay, Pension, Reduction in Force, Commission Plan & Incentive/Recognition Plan, and Wages.  The Committees agreed to recess until Thursday to get outstanding issues answered. 

Negotiations resumed Thursday morning. We were joined by Store Manager Carmen Todd, to discuss day-to-day operations. The Company provided additional information on the currently observed holidays, versus contractual holidays.  We recessed for lunch and resumed working in separate Committees to formulate counter-proposals.  

Staff Representative Stephanie Collier and Vice President Mike Tippie will meet with Company leadership briefly, in the morning, prior to the store meeting scheduled for 7:45 a.m.  We will be on standby to address any concerns that the group has after the meeting. 

Thank you for participating in today's mobilization action by wearing your buttons.  We sent a strong message to Management that WE ARE UNITED!!!!!!!  I asked you to remove the buttons to avoid any incidents until I had an opportunity to meet with Labor Relations on the issue. It is imperative that you all wear your buttons and use your pens in tomorrow's meeting. Take detailed notes and provide them to me at your earliest convenience, via your personal email or fax.  

In Unity!

Your Bargaining Committee