Central Telephone Company of Texas – Century Link Bargaining Report #9

The Union and Century Link of Texas met this weekend both Saturday, September 28th, and Sunday, September 29th, as we continued our intense discussions with the Company on their proposals as well as the proposals the Union presented.  We continued to ask for additional information from the Company to better understand their proposals.

The Union continued to make sure the Company understood the bargaining table is a two way street, not one. We are not here to give back, but instead are here to bargain in good faith and improve our contract for our members who are dedicated employees and work hard every day to keep Century Link customers satisfied.

We will continue to work as many hours as we need to in order to reach a tentative agreement before the contract expires at midnight September 30, 2019.  Your Union Bargaining Committee will continue to stand strong to protect our Collective Bargaining Agreement, job security and a substantial wage increase. We will reconvene on Monday, September 30, 2019.

In Solidarity,
Your Bargaining Committee