CenturyLink of Texas - Retail - Bargaining Report #2

CenturyLink of Texas - Retail - Bargaining Report #2

On Monday, May 1, 2017, a Bargaining Unit Meeting was held to explain and discuss the package of proposals to be presented to the Company the next day.  Prior to the meeting, membership cards were collected. 5 out 6 employees signed cards.  In addition to the proposal package, mobilization items were distributed and workplace rights were discussed.  Ongoing training on Unionism will be given.

The Union and Company committees met on Tuesday, May 2nd to begin negotiating how the retail employees will be incorporated into the unit.  The package included an agreement that spells out the intent and purpose of this round of midterm bargaining.  After discussion of the package and outstanding items, the Company requested a recess in order to prepare a response.

By late afternoon the Committee Chairs received notification that senior leadership would be conducting a mandatory meeting this Friday to discuss goals and expectations.  While the Union has not yet received an invitation to the meeting, we have expressed a desire to meet to set the tone for how we will do business with each other. 

Continue to use your mobilization items, pay attention to your personal email and text messages for updates.  Thank you for keeping the CWA Committee informed.

In Unity,

Stephanie Collier, Bargaining Chair

Mike Tippie, EVP Local 6174

Tania Mundy, Member Local 6174