CenturyLink of Texas - Retail - Tentative Agreement Reached

A tentative agreement was reached between CWA and CenturyLink of Texas at approximately 10:30 pm on June 7, 2017.  The existing contract will now include (6) six retail employees located in Killeen, Texas.  I am happy to report the location became 100% organized at our bargaining unit meeting this past Monday. 

A contract explanation meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 7:00 pm at Local 6174.  A ratification vote will take place immediately following the contract explanation.  Please bring your contract books for reference. 

Highlights of the agreement include:

Incorporation into the main contract with modifications specific to retail employees only:

*Seniority dates established based on hire dates.  Article VII Seniority applies

*No changes to the titles Senior Retail Consultant and Retail Consultant

*Clarification on supervisors or non-bargained for employees performing bargaining unit work cannot prevent the hiring of additional retail consultants.

*MOA on changes to the Retail Compensation Plan - The Company agrees to 
 notify the Union in advance of changes AND meet to discuss the impact of the 
 changes as well as allow the Union to present recommendations on any changes.

*Vacation weeks will convert to the terms of Article VIII versus being accrued 
  monthly. Addition of 7 floating holidays.

*Wages - Raises will be applied under the terms of the existing contract.  A 
 prorated raise will be granted October 2017 to bring the retail employees in
 line with the rest of the bargaining unit.  This will be the second raise granted in
 2017.  A wage range established for the unit as follows:

     Retail Sales Consultant - $8.51 - $14.50/hr
     Senior Retail Sales Consultant - $$9.50 - $15.50/hr
  Note - Additional protection negotiated for the Senior Retail Sales title with 
            respect to job performance. 

*All issues presented in the organizing and bargaining surveys regarding 
 Safety & Health have either been addressed or are in the process of being addressed. Air    quality, store cleanliness, complete remodel of desk stations to 
 include the addition of a 6th station, dedicated Company issued cellphone for 
 out of store sales days.
The CWA Bargaining Committee unanimously recommends ratification of the agreement.  

In Solidarity,

Stephanie Collier, CWA Representative - Chair
Mike Tippie - Executive Vice President Local 6174
Tania Mundy - Retail Sales Consultant, Member Local 6174