Consolidated Communications of Texas Company Bargaining Report #14

The Union and Consolidated Communications of Texas (Lufkin/Conroe) continued negotiations Thursday, October 24, 2019. Your Bargaining Committee met with the Company and asked the Company for their response on the counter proposals we put on the table the day before.

The Company presented the Union with a package counter regarding the proposals on the table. There was a discussion on the complete Company counter package. The Company made some slight positive movement but it was still not enough movement for all the dedication and hard work employees put in day after day helping to build this Company and making it successful and profitable.

The Committees recessed for the weekend after discussing the counter proposal package on the table.  Your Union Committee needed additional time to review the counter package from the Company to see how we will address items in the package.

Your Bargaining Committee will continue discussions when we go back to the table on Tuesday, October 29, 2019.

In Solidarity,
Your Bargaining Committee