Consolidated Communications of Texas Company Bargaining Report #16

The Union and Consolidated Communications of Texas (Lufkin/Conroe) continued negotiations Wednesday, October 30, 2019. The Company advised us multiple times during the day that they needed additional time to respond to the Union’s RFI (Request for Information).  They finally got back to us at 5:00 pm, regarding the response to the RFI.

The Company took almost two whole days to get us a response. After reviewing the RFI, the Company wanted a response from the Union with counter proposals. We advised the Company that we do not make hasty decisions and that we needed time to review the information so that we could properly frame our counter proposals.

The Company stated to the Union Bargaining Committee that they would be flying out very early the next morning. Your Bargaining Committee decided not to rush giving the Company a counter on all the proposals on the table until we thoroughly reviewed the RFI and the discussion we had on the RFI that had just been presented to us.

Your Bargaining Committee advised the Company that we would not rush into drawing up counter proposals. As a result, we agreed to schedule additional bargaining dates for November 12th and 13th since they would not be able to meet the week of November 3rd.

In Solidarity,
Your Bargaining Committee