CWA District 6/DEXYP Bargaining Report #15

CWA District 6/DEXYP 

As many of you know, we started bargaining with YP in November 2016 until the expiration of the current contract on December 9, 2016. The Company proposed a “Go to Market” compensation plan, but did not give the Union modeling numbers to compare earnings/potential earnings to review. At the time we started bargaining, GTM was put on hold. The Company stopped GTM in CWA District 3 and it NEVER got off the ground in CWA District 4.  We continued to work without a contract in 2017. Numerous conference calls were held with the Company, but we did not reach an agreement. We did sign an extension to the current contract with YP, prior to the DEX acquisition, in June 2017.

We started bargaining with DEXYP in November 2017 and continued until expiration on December 13, 2017, but no agreement was reached. At that time, we were told GTM was done and the Company was working on another compensation plan. DEXYP presented two proposals on December 13, 2017:  the DEX Pennsylvania contract with a CWA District 6 cover and a wage proposal for non-commission employees. 

The Union and Company had conference calls in January, February, and March. We went back to Earth City in March, but did not reach an agreement. 

The Company sent a new negotiator to the table in May and he started to provide the Union with information regarding the compensation plan and Company policies. We met for two days in Earth City, but did not reach an agreement. 

The Union and Company met in Earth City, MO on June 26, 27, and 28. We met again July16, 17, and 18, 2018, to continue bargaining. The Union presented the Company with counter-proposals and copies of original proposals from 2016 and 2017. We continued discussions regarding the Company’s new compensation plan, modeling numbers, and sales policy. The Company wants to move long-standing contractual language into sales policy (we do not bargain policy). Policy is controlled by the Company!    

We met for two more days on July 30 and 31, 2018. The Company responded to our counters and original proposals by rejecting them; stating: “they are not consistent with the other DEX contracts”! We are reviewing the latest Company proposals; which still includes moving long-standing contract language into Company policy. The proposed compensation plan, “Sales Drive”, shifts more of your money into salary with less earnings potential in commissions, but the Company wants the right to make changes whenever they want.  (For instance, if you are making too much money, they will change it so you make less). 

No Agreements have been reached!!!




In Solidarity,

Your CWA Bargaining Committee


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