CWA/CENTURYLINK - ARKANSAS Bargaining Report #10

CWA/CenturyLink Arkansas

The Union hosted a contract explanation conference call last night for the purpose of explaining the tentative agreement. The following is a list of Q&As from the call last night:

Question:  Can there be a clause concerning out of town assignments on the restricting of employees working 55 hours?

Answer: The Company cannot red line you after you get to fifty (55) hours and force someone else to work until they get to fifty (55). We have won two arbitrations on this issue; Section 9.2 Paragraph 9.2.1. It is the policy of the Company to apportion overtime work equally among employees who are willing to perform the necessary overtime work and who are qualified within the work group to perform such overtime work. The key word is WILLING.

Question:  Can you clarify the change to the 401(K)?  

Answer: The 401(k) proposal will be put on L6171’s website. The change will not take effect until the year 2020; at that time it will be .25 cents on the dollar.

Question: The Contract Labor Language?

Answer: The language still states they cannot lay-off or part time employees, when and if, they are contracting.

Question: Why was there a push to keep the Double Time at 55 Hours and not move to 70 Hours?

Answer: As in other areas (contracts) where they have no Double Time, the Company works employees seven (7) days a week, ten (10) hour days. Again, it was to force the employees to work seventy (70) hours or more a week. The bargaining committee was unanimous on this proposal. The CBA speaks to the DT. The Company cannot shut you down just because you have reached fifty (55) hours and then force someone else to work to fifty (55). We have won two arbitrations on this issue and informed the Company they were in violation of the CBA.

Question:  How will this affect the grievances that have already been filed?

Answer They will not affect them at all. They were filed under the old contract and approved for arbitration. This information was sent to your AVP on August 23, 2018.


In Solidarity,

Your CWA Bargaining Committee



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