AT&T Bargaining Report #11

Yesterday, Wednesday, February 17, the CWA Bargaining Committee met with the Company.  The Union continued today to present bargaining demands to the Company Committee.  We presented revised demands on Article 12 – Hours of Work, Article 14 – Force Adjustment, and Article 21 – Absences.  The Union Committee asked the Company about their proposal to change the disability plan to 26 weeks from the current 52 week plan.  Our Committee also questioned the Company on the National Transfer Plan and pay treatment for employees who transfer into District 6 from another Mobility Labor Agreement. 
The Company presented bargaining demands to the Union.  These demands include Article 16 – Safety, Article 19 – Basis of Compensation and the Memorandum of Agreement on the Expedited Arbitration Resolution Process.  The CWA Bargaining Committee informed the Company that they would return with questions on these demands.

                         United We Bargain – Divided We Beg