AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report #23 - Final Bargaining Report

The CWA Bargaining Committee has reached a tentative agreement with AT&T Mobility. The following summarizes the improvements your bargaining team were able to negotiate.


  • Wage Increases
    • 2016 – 2.0%
    • 2017 – 2.25%
    • 2018 – 2.25%
    • 2019 – 3.0%
    • Lump Sum
      • $1,000 - Employees must be on payroll in a District 6 bargained title on the ratification date and payout date to receive payment. 


  • Short Term Disability
    • Current Employees – retain the current 52 week plan with no change.
    • Future Employees hired after 01/01/2017 will have a 26 week Disability Income Plan.
    • Pensions
      • Banded Plan – no changes for all employees hired or rehired before 12-31-2008.
      • BCB2 – will continue for all employees hired after 1-1-2009 and through the life of this agreement.  This will now include a yearly lump sum payment option.


  • Clerical Associates
  • Sales Advocate


  • The Union negotiated a Letter of Agreement.

Article 12 – Hours of Work

  • The Union negotiated improvements including a 5 day work week, posting of the work schedule a week prior to implementation, and proper notification to employees on schedule changes.

Article 14 – Force Adjustment

  • The Union negotiated improvements to severance payments with an increase to the cap payout of $17,000.   

Article 16 – Safety

  • The Union negotiated an improvement in contract language when Local or State Government declares a State of Emergency for inclement weather.

Article 17 – Company-Union Relationship

  • The Union negotiated improvements regarding the Working Relations Committee.

Article 19 – Basis of Compensation

  • The Union negotiated improvements to an employee’s starting wage, improvements for Network Technician’s on-call pay, and improvements to a multi-lingual differential for call center employees.

Article 21 – Absences  

  • The Union was successful in maintaining Illness Days for current employees. Future employees will have Illness Days capped at 5 paid days when hired after 01/01/2017.
  • The Union negotiated time off for unpaid funeral leave to include step parents and siblings.

MOA Four Day Work Week 

  • The Union negotiated for the scheduling of 2 consecutive days off in a four day work week.

Article 25 – Exchange Time

  • The Union negotiated improvements to the scheduling of exchange time.

Letter of Agreement – Quality Observations

  • The Union negotiated improvements that the Company will cover quality observations within 2 working days for Retail and Call Center employees.

Letter of Agreement – Sales Commission Committee

  • The Union negotiated the inclusion of the Compensation Committee in our Labor Agreement for Retail Sales.

Letter of Agreement – Sales Quota Relief  

  • The Union negotiated improvements to Quota Relief. 

Letter of Agreement – At Risk Pay 

  • The Union negotiated an increase to “At-Risk” commission payouts.

All MOU’s, MOA’s and LOA’s will be printed in the 2016 Labor Agreement.



In Solidarity,

Your CWA Bargaining Committee