Frontier Bargaining Report #20

We are now 15 days away from expiration and the Company is showing no sign of wanting to treat Texas better than a second class citizen!  They ignore the fact that even though Melanie Williams (V.P. over Texas) stated we are profitable here they continue to want concessions from us while other areas have been given extensions and simple renewals.

We did not put the “for sale” sign out and ask to be bought by FronTEARS.  They knew what was in the contract when they acquired it and they should not want to turn it into one of their other fecal agreements.

We have stated to the Company that our members want job security! We will not waiver from that stance nor will we take anything less than a fair and equitable contract with the benefits we deserve and are accustomed to having for our families.  Dan McCarthy is responsible for the financial situation this company is in and he still kept his lucrative salary and benefits.

Why would we concede for his bad management skills? We won’t! We will do whatever it takes to get them to see past the shareholders’ interests and into their employee’s livelihood.  Your committee is here to bargain for EVERY job title and are counting on each of you to do your part in getting a contract to ratify. 

Please mobilize, tell the Company that you want job security! Make sure your company provided equipment is in date and working order.  Examples of this are your rubber gloves, voltage detectors, gas detectors, etc.

Stay Strong, United, and hold the Company accountable.


In Unity,


Your CWA Bargaining Committee