Frontier Bargaining Report #22

According to the surveys, the top three items were: Job Security, Healthcare and Contract Labor.

The committee has passed numerous proposals to address these items and have been met with, in the committee’s opinion, major retrogressive proposals on Healthcare, Contract Labor, and the company has no interest in job security (no layoff) so much that they want no contractor cap.

A strike ballot is required to get a pulse if the membership would even authorize a strike. The CWA National President needs to know the percentage of the members willing do so. This is a decision that only you can answer with your vote. There is no time line of when and if one will be called or how long it will be needed if one is authorized.

The Union and the company are still very far apart on not just these three CRITICAL issues but on a majority of the proposals.

We must all stand and fight TOGETHER or we will all suffer with a substandard contract.


In Unity,


Your Bargaining Committee