Frontier Bargaining Report #24

Your Committee applaud your efforts!  We are not the only ones who hear you. Your priorities have been laid out and the message has been heard loud and clear. Keep up those Mobilization efforts. Keep in mind the company will use their own Strategies to try and create division and turmoil in our house.  WE ARE CWA STRONG!

Stand tall and proud, return your Strike Vote A.S.A.P., and   keep in mind that the strike vote is to let the National President know CWA has your support.  Also keep in mind that West Virginia was in negotiations for over a year past expiration before the strike commenced and it lasted 22 days. Your Committee is here for YOU!


 Keep sending in those pics. It truly motivates us to see them and knowing you will, and are standing up to the company. Stay strong, Support your local mobilizers, and keep up RED THURSDAYS and BLACK FRIDAYS!


In Unity,

Your CWA Bargaining Committee