Frontier WAH Bargaining Reports #14 and 15

Your committee sent the company a very big and comprehensive set of proposals for them to consider on Monday that would just leave wages outstanding. We submitted additional information requests to the company on Tuesday regarding seniority and wages including compensation. The Union spent today sorting through the voluminous information provided back to get a better feel for the average of pay and seniority within the bargaining unit. The company has not put a counter to our package as of yet but we are ready to work hard on it when they do. Providing the company does not dig in and want to have unreasonable proposal changes we are optimistic we can get to a fair and just first contract in the near future. We appreciate the support and patience you all have shown us at the table and you have our commitment that we will work tirelessly until we reach a Tentative Agreement (TA).


In Solidarity,

Your WAH Bargaining Committee