Lumen 6171 Tentative Agreement Highlights

On Thursday, August 19, 2021, at 7 PM, there was a contract explanation call held with the members of local 6171. The Highlight Sheet that will accompany your ballot in the mail is posted here as well. Should you have any questions, reach out to your Union leadership to get answered.



  • 3 year agreement/ 1.5%, 1.5% and 2%.
  • Company to be provided a CBR number in case of required callout.
  • Company will incur cost of printing contracts this year. Next round of negotiations will require each side to print their own CBAs.
  • Two name changes in organizational chart, From Business and Consumer to Local Field Operations and from Engineering and Construction to Local Network Implementation.
  • Increased number of days to file a grievance and appeal steps.
  • Double Time will end on 1/1/2024.
  • Pension Final Average Pay will be frozen on 6/30/2022, years of service will still accrue.
  • Occupational injuries added to vacations and can be supplemented 1 to 5 days with vacation/personal days or be taken unpaid or a mixture of beginning on 1/1/2023.
  • Have to have 1 year of service for workers comp/ beginning 1/1/2023 benefit begins on 8th calendar day.
  • 401k/ added auto enroll for new hires; employee can decrease, increase or terminate at their request.
  • Updated language on job titles/Business Systems Technician to Business Service Technician and Communications Technician to Network Technician
  • Added Fleet Technician to wage schedule Group 1.
  • Increased weekday Standby Pay from $25 to $28.
  • Increased Evening Meal Allowance from $9 to $13/increased Breakfast/lunch and dinner amounts $2 as well.
  • Renewed all MOAs.
  • Added MLK Day to authorized holiday list.
  • Brought Structure Loader Title from 2 to 1 wage rate immediately.
  • $150 one time boot allowance during life of the contract and with receipt.