Verizon Bargaining Report #14

On Wednesday, your Bargaining Committee did not meet with the Company. We spent the day reviewing the information that was provided to us.  There are a number of information requests that are still outstanding for Verizon to provide us. With three days until expiration of the CBA there are several key issues that are still on the table waiting on Verizon to accept or counter on.  As Verizon keeps preaching cost saving, we have to reminded them about the 151 acres of land they bought in Irving, Texas to expand Verizon here in the region.  Also the purchase of Yahoo for 4.5 BILLION DOLLARS along with getting 10.5 BILLION from the sale to Frontier.  How can you cry cost saving when you spent money to build your Brand? The brand that is built from the sweat off of your employees back. VERIZON, DO THE RIGHT THING AND GIVE A FAIR CONTRACT TO YOUR EMPLOYEES!!


In Unity,


Your Bargaining Committee

Ken Conner

Tony Shaffer

Ken Morgan