Verizon Bargaining Report #15

Your Bargaining Committee worked late into the evening again in an attempt to reach an agreement with Verizon.  We have two days till expiration of the CBA, with several key issues still on the table.  I am very optimistic that we will reach an agreement before midnight tomorrow.  Again, we are fighting a very GREEDY company and a CEO who wants to line his pockets with your hard work, increase your healthcare costs, provide no increase to your pension and give you a mediocre raise. Yet they will spend billions of dollars to buy Yahoo. Then tell the employees we need to cut cost. If they need to save money, tell Lowell and the Board of Directors to take a pay cut. Tell the Board it is time to reward the EMPLOYEES for the work they have, and will continue to be doing.

In Unity,


Your Bargaining Committee

Ken Conner

Tony Shaffer

Ken Morgan