Verizon Bargaining Report #16


Your Bargaining Committee again met late into the night trying to reach a Tentative Agreement. As we move closer to the expiration of the CBA we still have several key issues that remain on the table. Healthcare and Pensions just to mention a few. Verizon wants to take benefits from our members and not give anything in return. They have forgotten who made them their Billions of DOLLARS. It is time for Verizon to take care of their employees with good healthcare and a good pension and a substantial GWI. It is time that Lowell and the Board of Directors pay the workers instead of lining their pockets off the sweaty backs of our members. The employees are the ones that sacrifice time with their families to build the Verizon brand and make them very profitable, not Lowell.


In Unity,

Your Bargaining Committee

Ken Conner 
Tony Shaffer 
Ken Morgan