Verizon Bargaining Report #24, 25, 26

Your Bargaining Committee has been in very contentious bargaining throughout the

weekend with Verizon. The Company remains steadfast on what they perceive as critical items.

One of which they have yet to fill any information request submitted to them over COPE. Three

more that have no relevance to this bargaining unit with no apparent start date. A very reasonable

counter proposal was submitted by the Union to the Company simply requesting that the idea of

an MOA be allowed to have the grievance and arbitration process included in it. At this point, the

Company appears to just be surface bargaining and not wanting to meet to bargain. This was

evident when they were called at 10:30pm last night to which the Company did not answer the

phone, email nor the texts sent by the Union. The issues the Company claims as critical is nothing

more than bullying tactics that they were unsuccessful in obtaining or did not propose in the East

negotiations. We will continue to make the Company provide the necessary information to justify

how this is relevant to these 26 employees in Texas. How can we recommend something to be

ratified if it has no justification? We ask that you work to rule and continue to ask your boss if

there is a contract yet?

In Unity,


Your CWA Bargaining Committee

Ken Conner

Tony Shaffer

Ken Morgan