Verizon Bargaining Report #28

             Your Bargaining Committee met with the company on Wednesday late into the evening.  We still did not reach an agreement with Verizon. The company did leave on Thursday to go home against the demand to stay and bargain by the Union. With the Union and the Company having two main issues left on the table, they decided to leave instead of doing what is right for their employees. District 6 did reach out to our attorney to file a board charges with the NLRB  for bargaining in bad faith, surface bargaining, and refusing to bargain. These charges have already been delivered to Verizon. Your Bargaining Committee will continue to work while the Company is gone and go over proposals and reassess the information the Company has given us on pay by the minute.


In Unity,

Your Bargaining Committee

Ken Conner 
Tony Shaffer 
Ken Morgan