Verizon Bargaining Report #31

Your Bargaining Committee attempted to meet with the Company on three occasions

yesterday. I say attempted because the company was not there to negotiate with us. They were

there just to go through the motions. We went to the Company’s location to try and get an

agreement. It is plain to see the Voluntary Bargaining Committee Chair for the Company isn’t here

to get a fair contract. He was here just to try and bully your committee. I will tell you, this

committee, nor this local will let Robert Kunkel dictate how bargaining is going to be run. As

everyone that knows how bargaining goes, it can get heated at times. It did last night, over

questions about your pension protection and job security. The Company, Robert Kunkel, would

not answer any of the questions asked. Instead, he stood up said they were leaving because the

conversation got heated and a few choice words were said. Pointing fingers, making demands

and stating that he doesn’t know when they will be back. Demanding that the rest of bargaining

will be done through emails. We expressed that bargaining will be done face to face. Verizon

should be ashamed of themselves for letting this man represent the Company in such an

unprofessional way. Not to mention the Company leaving us in the building unattended as they

left the premises. This shows us yet again, this man has no idea what he is doing. We stayed at

the Company’s location till 10:45, without a Company Representative, waiting on the company to

return. We sent messages to them which they refused to respond to.


In Unity,


Your Bargaining Committee

Ken Conner

Tony Shaffer

Ken Morgan