Verizon Bargaining Report #33

On Wednesday, your Bargaining Committee met with the Company in the morning. The

Company offered a proposal on the pension to protect the lump sum option until December 31,

2020. They still have not offered any counter on our wage proposal presented to them 3 weeks

ago, and we informed them that we are holding on ours. They want to include all the remaining

M.O.A.s together that were in the first proposal they passed. We met again in the afternoon and

passed several information requests on the pension, along with a counter to the Company’s

pension lump sum protection. We also reiterated your interest in Retro Pay, Ratification Bonus,

Job Security and Lump Sum Protection. At this time we are waiting on the Company to respond to

our current offer.


In Unity,


Your Bargaining Committee

Ken Conner

Tony Shaffer

Ken Morgan