Windstream Bargaining Report #11

Windstream Bargaining Report #11

February 21, 2017

Your Windstream Bargaining Committee met with the Company today, February 21, 2017, to go over proposals and to ask clarifying questions over the proposed pension changes as well as healthcare and illness treatment.  Your committee got into a very heated conversation with the Company regarding the job application procedure and net credited service.

The Company is stating they are looking out for the betterment of the employees.  We have 7 days until expiration and we are in a fight with this VERY GREEDY Company. We will not sit here and let Windstream blow smoke by telling us they have the employee’s best interest at heart. If this was true, why did they offer a catastrophic healthcare insurance plan?  

Stay STRONG and stay UNITED.  We will fight for a fair and just contract for the members.

In Unity,

Your CWA Bargaining Committee