Windstream Bargaining Report #12

Windstream Bargaining Report #12

February 22, 2017

Your Bargaining Committee met with the Company into the evening going over several proposals. The Company countered the Union’s proposal on Health Care and Adequate Rest Period. We have several proposals on the table that we are holding on dealing with Job Security. These are very critical items to the Union and its members.

In regards to Active Duty, our Veterans were not a priority.  Windstream wants to penalize a VETERAN for defending the freedom of this country by saying you lose your NET CREDITED SERVICE if you are called to active duty. This is an attack on the employees who are VETERANS.

The Company continues to offer a catastrophic Health Care Plan while their CEO, Anthony Thomas’s salary and bonuses are in excess of over $2 million dollars. Certainly, he has no problem with his deductible and monthly premiums.

Make sure everyone wears their RED SHIRT on Thursday.

In Unity,

Your CWA Bargaining Committee